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11 July 2015

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Why Deaf Church?

Why a Deaf Church?  Let ask another question,  why do

Koreans have Korean Church,

Chinese have Chinese Church,

migrants have Spanish-speaking Church,

foreign countries have English-speaking Church,

missionaries endeavour to train natives to run their own affairs?

The obvious answer is a common cultural experience and language. True, every human being have the same biological and psychological need/urge for shelter, food, security and love. However, the way we express the needs varies and the difference in expression gives birth to cultural identity. Deaf Culture is one of many cultures in the world.

We believe there is one Christian culture, no doubt. But because of different cultural background and language, we express our faith differently. We express differently in many areas such as style of worship (visual), fellowship, style of preaching and evangelism. That's why we have Deaf Church by the Deaf reaching the Deaf Community.

Regardless of culture, we use one Book - the Word of God - and worship one God. We preach from the same Scripture - no Deaf God, no Deaf Gospel, no special set of beliefs, and no special or modified message.

Because the Deaf Church understand the unique cultural needs of the Deaf Community, we are in excellent position to reach and minister to them for Jesus. Deaf Church can be lead either by Deaf and Hearing leaders, however for hearing people to involve, one must be absorbed in Deaf culture and be quite fluent in sign language.

Currently in Australian Deaf Christianity, there are about four different models (5 to 7 models in USA. Click here to download US document).

Each model serves different purpose, stage of growth and the type of environment.


1. Interpreted Service/Ministry.

Hearing Church provides only interpreted service on Sunday. Mostly suitable to regional area where there are very few Deaf people. The interpreter takes the lead.


2. Sunday Worship Ministry

As with 1, the Deaf meet for separate worship service on Sunday only. The Deaf conducts the worship service in their own cultural way.

3. Deaf Ministry.

As with 2 but with a full ministry including mid-week fellowship and prayer meeting. The Deaf takes the lead under the oversight of a Hearing person nominated by the pastor of mainstream Hearing Church. Financial management looks after by the Hearing Church.

4. Independent Deaf Church.

A full-fledged Church governed and managed by the Deaf on the same par as any other cultural Church such as Chinese Church. Its leaders can be either Deaf or Hearing. Signs Church is one such  Church.

 Without doubt, each of the model have pro and con, however the ultimate goal is the effective model of an independent Deaf Church. Here why!

Signs Church have some more resource on Deaf Church issues or we can provide workshop on how to run a Deaf Church including legal, governance and management subject.  If you're interested, please send us an email